Idiotic NYT Piece of the Day: Pakistan is the Ultimate Tea Party Nation

By the Left Coast Rebel

Read the drivel and weep. This is what passes as NYT higher thought on the left these days.

It's an op-ed piece but, really, this guy is even more demagogic and stupid (as in educated foolishness) than the Collectivist Yoda of the Left -- aka Paul Krugman (left).

Scroll down and note how this "progressive thinker" somehow still manages to insert the "wealth disparity" and "richest 1%" dogma into his disjointed, illogical fallacies. Pakistan is the fantasy society that Tea Party activists desire? Uh, no, actually it's a relatively recent vision of America that made our country the most successful experiment in freedom in human history until "progressives" threw a nation-wide wrench in the works with their nascent, insatiable nanny-state micro-engineering that violates every concept that America was founded upon.

Where have all the smart liberal thinkers gone? Or, is that an oxymoron?

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