First week in office: Kathy Hochul votes against spending cuts and for spending increases

On election night, Kathy Hochul demagogued:

"We can ensure we do not decimate Medicare," Hochul said. "We will keep the promises made to our seniors who have spent their lives paying into Medicare, so they can count on health care when they need it most."

This is an easier promise to make than to keep. Under current Democrat leadership, Medicare has an expiration date; 2024. That is when Medicare Part A's trust fund will go bankrupt.

Figuring out how to pay to keep Medicare from getting "decimated" is going to be impossible if Kathy Hochul continues to vote the way she did her first week on the job:

Congresswoman Hochul has already voted on issues of vital importance to our homeland security. She voted against H.R. 2017, FY 2012 Homeland Security Appropriations Bill, which makes more than a billion dollars in cuts to critical local and national security programs.

Instead of cutting funding to programs that protect Western New Yorkers, Congresswoman Hochul supported the Clarke-Higgins-Reichert-Tonko Amendment to reform the Urban Area Security Initiative so that Albany, Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse would continue to be eligible for funds that prevent, protect and safeguard these cities against terrorist attacks. Prior to the passage of this amendment, the bill would have restricted funding to only 10 cities.

Is government spending or Medicare Kathy Hochul's top priority?

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