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"Because, after all, it's all about me."

You may have seen this, Barack Obama has presented the Medal of Honor twice* by my recollection, once to a grieving family, once to a living recipient, who was, in fact, the first living MoH recipient in the post Vietnam era. Only two names for the Commander-in-Chief to keep straight. Obama is a man, whom his wife described as having a mind like a "steel trap".
“Your President is a special person, because when it comes to the people he meets, Barack has a memory like a steel trap,”

Unless it was someone special, who received the nation's highest military honor. Those guys just aren't that memorable. I remember when he presented the Medal to Salvatore Giunta, for his actions in Afghanistan, that the president's recital of Staff Sergeant Giunta's bravery sounded flat and lifeless, as though he was reading a laundry list, or the Philadelphia phone directory. Note, too, the ubiquitous person pronoun: "I awarded". A recitation of all the "hot spots" he's been too. Captain Courageous.

Forgive the comparison, but I could see former President Bush weeping with the family of Jared Monti. I can see Obama penciling them in to his busy schedule. Maybe giving them an ipod loaded with his speeches.

I think maybe it's Mr. Teleprompter who has the mind of a steel trap. Although I'd be willing to bet that Barry could tell you the name of every celebrity, movie star and rock star he's met since becoming president. The "little people" whose "stories he carries around with him." Yeah. Right.

Is it 2012 yet?

Update: Video of Obama and Note the invocation and the passion of the speaker. Contrast with Barack What's-His-Name. But, he reads well.

When he goes "off script", are you impressed by his command of the language or just another chance to use the personal pronoun again. "I like this guy". (It's all about me!)

*Four times

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  1. His disrespect is contemptible. Doesn't his staff check the words they stream across his teleprompter? He gets the name wrong, but doesn't really care (and neither does his staff), because he doesn't respect our men and women in uniform like Bush did. This is, for him, just another of those "duties" he has to perform as Commander in Chief. He has no real use for the military, and this gaffe proves it. And no - 2012 can't come fast enough. I'm sick of this empty suit.

  2. marfdrat: It's particularly galling when you see the fawning Michelle hyping Barry as Mr. Compassion, Mr. Mind Like a Steel Trap and he can't even remember the small handful of people (and their families) he's presented the Medal to. He's a poseur.
    And, yes, an empty suit.

  3. Excellent post. However, what you miss is the fact that Obama sees everyone as a resource to be expoited.

  4. Don't you wonder if the gaffe machine known as Barack Obama hired gaffe machine Joe Biden to overshadow his own ignorance?

  5. DDE: Hence "It's all about me".

    BB: Yes. Mr. "FDR had a Fireside Chat on TV about the Great Depression" was a great find for the Obama administration!


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