BREAKING: Weiner Resignation, Weiner Resigns? Anthony Weiner Resignation Watch, UPDATED: Breitbart's Explicit Weiner Photo, UPDATED W/Press Conference

By the Left Coast Rebel

Well, he hasn't yet (the title of this post is good SEO, as is the rest of the post, a guy has to make a buck!) but one does not have to be a genius -- with the Weiner bare-chested shot -- to see the writing on the wall. Then again, Weiner is the epitome of the arrogant, self-serving ruling class that has brought this nation to its knees and power is everything to people like him -- who knows?

Weiner's Wiener pre-resignation news:

  • The Other McCain informs us that Weiner is going to hold a press conference at 4 PM, ET, will Weiner resign then?
  • How in the world did Breitbart get his dirty little paws on this photo? Will this photo lead to Weiner's resignation?
  • Donald Douglas think that The Wiener is going to resign any time now.
  • This Memeorandum thread sure seems to point to a Weiner resignation (any time I have seen a scandal blow up to this extent, it has lead to a resignation).
  • Professor Jacobson thinks Weiner is going to resign soon, too.
  • Professor Jacobson also notes that even the Israel lobby has turned on The Wiener, pre-resignation.
  • Reaganite thinks we should all put a fork in The Wiener and that Weiner will surely resign asap.
  • Lonely Conservative informs us that EVEN MORE naked Weiner photos are coming down the pike and that this will lead to Weiner's resignation.
  • Da Tech Guy thinks that Breitbart is playing it smart, has lots more naked Weiner photos and will be slowly releasing them = Weiner resignation to stop the pain and exit Weiner's Wiener spotlight.
  • Maggie's Notebook has lots and lots of great links and posts on the Kirsten Powers connection. Yuck.
  • Dan Riehl has a disgustinly-fitting title to a great post (NSFW) wherein even a fool would be lead to believe that Weiner will resign soon.
  • Me and the pussys? That is disgusting and will add to a big, fat, Weiner resignation.

UPDATED: Hot Air Pundit has news minutes before the Weiner presser from Weiner's people that Weiner will in fact not resign.

UPDATED x2: The Strange become even stranger. Holy Coast caught this, as did I. At the same time that Weiner was scheduled to address the press, Andrew Breitbart took the stage instead. He talked over the press and called them out, claiming that he has an "extremely explicit photo" of Anthony Weiner and that he was "holding it to save Weiner's family" and is awaiting an apology from The Wiener regarding Weiner's recent attacks against Breitbart.

UPDATED x3: Live Feed of the Weiner 6/6/11 press conference can be found here.

UPDATED x4: Weiner takes the podium at the press conference in New York:

He Begins:

"I take full responsibility for my actions...I have not been honest with myself, my family, my constituents, my friends..."

And admits to the initial lewd photo:

"Last Friday night I tweeted a photo of myself that I intended to send as a direct message as a joke to a woman in Seattle, once I realized I had posted it to Twitter I panicked, I took it down and said that I had been hacked. I then continued to stick to that story which was a hugely regrettable mistake....this woman was unwittingly dragged into this and bears absolutely no responsibility."

More on the lewd bulging underwear picture:

"To be clear, the picture was of me and I sent it. I am deeply sorry for the pain that this has caused my wife Uma (sp?) and our family (reaches for water and is crying) and my constituents, my friends, supporters and staff.

And Weiner admits to additional inappropriate behavior on Twitter:

"In addition in the past several years I have engaged in several inappropriate conversations conducted over Twitter, Facebook, email and occasionally on the phone with women I have met online. I have exchanged messages and photos of an explicit nature with about six women over the last 3 years. For the most part these communications took place before my marriage but some have sadly taken place after. To be clear, I have never met any of these women or had physical relationships at any time. I haven't told the truth and I have done things that I deeply regret."

Taking questions from reporters, Weiner says:

(inaudible members of the press)

Weiner: "I came here to accept full responsibility for what I have done."

Weiner: "I deeply regret what I have done and am not resigning."

Weiner: "My primary sense of regret goes to my wife."

Weiner: "I don't know what I was thinking."

Weiner: "I did not use any government resources."

(on if he can deny the existence of Breitbart's explicit photo)

Weiner: "No, I cannot."

Weiner: "I'm not blaming anyone, some of these relationships date back to three years."

(Weiner crying at 4:35 ET, wow)

Weiner: "My wife has known about some of these online relationships since before I was married."

Weiner: "I apologize to Andrew Breitbart." (score one for Andrew, again)

And there you have it, the presser is still taking place but I can't stand any more of it.

EXIT QUESTION: Can you imagine disgracing yourself and your family like this and not resigning from office?


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  2. I had great search engines hits throughout the day!

  3. The story here is the actions of the monolithic leftist media, who defend every leftist (Ted Kennedy to his death and beyond for example) in absolute defiance of reason, evidence and facts. There should be massive resignations of reporters and producers and replacement with non-leftists with a demonstrable objectivity regarding their subjects.

  4. So he lied about it... That doesn't mean he will lie about important things like.... umm... Money... Taxes... Parking tickets...

  5. Totally, Nick.

    Me too, Donald, great day.

    Shane: That absolutely is the bigger picture behind this story.

    John: Right, perspective, I guess.

  6. Sarcasm! If he'll lie about stupid things, cheat on his wife, why should the public think he wouldn't lie about say a kickback or some other shady thing?

  7. Great minds...I too have Weiner resigning on my blogpost. It never hurts to be ahead of the curve. Countdown begins.


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