Barack Obama, George Soros & The Religious Left

By RightKlik

From my latest piece at American Thinker:
As Obama's allies on the Religious Left step forward to promote Obama's agenda and build momentum for his 2012 campaign, we should be prepared to expose them for who they really are. In many cases we will discover that these religious leaders are well-compensated hyperpartisan mercenaries whose religious rhetoric is merely a threadbare cloak for their core values...


  1. This is scary. People that were traditionally "conservative voters" are buying into their propaganda. I have tried to warn everyone I know about this. The religious left isnt religious at all. It is political.

  2. Great piece, RK, awesome that you wrappred everything into an AT piece like this, connecting the dots on this group and wrapping everything up with that great Boortz quote. Nice work!

  3. Religious left? Isn't that an oxymoron?


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