American Liberals are Dead Wrong About France

Pont Iena & Eiffel Tower - France Presidency of E.U.
Eiffel Tower decorated to celebrate the EU Presidency
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By the Left Coast Rebel

One of the most annoying things about having liberal/"progressive" friends or acquaintances is that sooner or later a conversation comes around that exposes their undying affinity for the nation of France.

They love France, the culture, government, entitlements. Yet they really don't know the freedoms that we enjoy that we would have to jettison in order to be more like France (heck, we actually are getting closer to the France model, though and may even surpass them).

France is beautiful but liberals are dead wrong about the nation. This story at the Daily Mail is a spot-on example of this.

Would we really put up with that kind of nanny-state-ism? Unfortunately we have, but on an incremental basis.

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  1. I totally agree. Most of Europe is looked upon romantically by the liberals, they have created a false vision of it. Europe in general is viewed as some utopia with prosperous masses and strong empowering government. They fail to acknowledge the social and political unrest and failure of policy. The EU in general is in worse shape than America, politically, socially and fiscally.


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