All that Glitters is not Conservative Gold

By the Left Coast Rebel

I came across this video of Code Pink showering RINO Tim Pawlenty with glitter and thought I would take the opportunity to once again point out that T-paw is anything but a limited government conservative. Like others in the G.O.P. presidential crop, Pawlenty is a progressive-right, opportunistic charlatan.

Funny video, though:

Exit question: Anyone notice that Code Pink was protesting Pawlenty because of his stance on "reproductive rights"?

Shouldn't Code Pink be protesting the current occupant of the White House extraconstitutional warmonger-in-chief?

1 comment:

  1. Code pink goes after pro-lifer than pro-war crowd in this illegal and leftist war because it's far easier to kill the unborn that face a "warrior", as spineless as they may be.


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