Will the Real Obama Please Stand Up?

by: Les Carpenter
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The President of the United States of America, and leader of the "free world", {such as it is} has completed his six day juggernaut through the "Islamic Spring" {yeah right! Whatever that means in English} and socialist Europe. Our president was greeted with great adulation and reverence. It was as to be expected from the deteriorating economies of socialist Europe.

One stand out however was Lech Walesa, leader of the Polish Solidarity movement and first President of Poland after it gained liberty from the ex Soviet Union. Recognizing the stench of socialism {aka communism} he declined the invitation to meet with the U.S. President. Perhaps those who are experiencing the love fest of Obamaism ought to consider the experience of one who actually lived through, and fought the tyranny of socialism.

My 59 year educated guess... the world will continue to remain enamored of the American President's vision of "Hope and Change." Which of course to all people of reason is simply the code for the further socialization of not only Europe, but the United States as well. Is it any wonder that the socialist minded Europeans gave such a warm welcome to the most progressive socialist minded United States President to ever have visited Europe? One who embraces the very policies that have resulted in the economic decline of European nations.

If I sound partisan it is, of course, because I am. Partisan in favor of liberty, free and unencumbered thought absent of political correctness, the rule of constitutional law, the right of individuals to retain the rewards of their honest labor, the right of all persons to be judged on the merits of their productive contributions rather than their race or ethnicity. In short, to judge all by a purely objective standard. Precisely as the Reverend Martin Luther King.

The life sucking tentacles of progressive socialism, even in the face of obvious and proven utter failure continues to enamor the people of the world. While many would disagree, the socialist collectivist majority continues to sell the empty and destructive premise that as an individual you amount to nothing. However, in the mind of the socialist collectivist you have the power of the collective to change the social fiber of nations.

Of course this is a fallacy. But dare not utter the truth, lest you have thick skin and a unwavering belief in the rightness of your course. The adherents of progressive collectivism, the likes of which Lech Wałęsa stood against are alive and well in the United States and are being driven by the Obama administration and its well positioned and wealthy handlers.

My hat's off to Lech Walesa, as should be the hat of every American who values liberty and the right of self determination. The progressive collectivist onslaught against individual liberties and the right of self determination will continue unabated. It will be those  in the liberty movement that will, through diligence and our unshakable belief in the rights of the individual as embodied in our Constitutions that will ultimately insure our freedoms are protected.

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  1. A man of honor, one who personally lived through the savageries of a hard left Socialist regime. What a breath of fresh air! In my view, like “the bitch slap heard around the world” as someone put Bibi’s lecturing the clown prince few days ago we once again see a real leader lecturing our child president. Good for him! If only our leaders and so much of the electorate in general had the balls to stand up for their ideals and rights as has Lech Walesa!


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