Why is it Even Known that the US has the "Al Qaeda Playbook?"

Image hat tip Wolf Files.

by the Left Coast Rebel

ABC News:

U.S. intelligence is now in possession of a veritable "playbook" of al Qaeda operations -- from potential terror attack targets to information on international safe houses and top commanders -- thanks to the Navy SEAL raid that took down Osama bin Laden Sunday, officials told ABC News today.

The cache of electronic and handwritten materials obtained by the SEALs includes numerous hallmark al Qaeda plots including attacks on infrastructure targets such as water supply and transportation including rail and air, in what one official described as a "strategic guide for how to attack the U.S." In the past, al Qaeda planned for attacks on water supplies have included an interest in mining dams and in poisoning water supply. Intelligence experts have also have found what appears to be information about safe houses around the world and about al Qaeda leadership.

This is all well and good. But, how in the world is it that the U.S. is broadcasting the fact that we have our hands on the Al Qaeda Playbook? Doesn't telling everyone in the world (including the enemy) that we hit the mother lode in intel, defeat the purpose of having said intel?

What gives?

Just seems beyond fishy to me...kinda like the never-to-be-released death photos and sea burial of the individual at the top of this post.

Pamela Geller agrees with me as well.

This Administration continues to exhibit its glaring incompetence in light of this latest news about Bin Laden.

It should release the photos of the dead OBL and close this case to the public. But no, Obama won't release the photo (which should have accompanied the news of his death) but he'll release the intel. The handling of the post-OBL op is one bad misstep after another.
Pamela's right: on one hand, this administration decided to not release the photos of Osama's corpse, yet on the other hand they have no problem with intel taken from the raid being known? Raging incompetence from 'O' or nefarious motives?

Wake up, America, this is Orwellian, to say the least.

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