Who Died? Osama/Obama Media Bloopers

by the Left Coast Rebel

When news hit the wires that Osama had been killed, the press apapleptically trampled each other for the scoop, headed for the exits and entrances in unison, (an ongoing thing) and made a lot of mistakes (surprise!)...

I noted (and laughed) that a lot of reports crossed Obama/Osama and Osama/Obama...I even committed the faux paus, criss-crossing Osama-Obama, Obama-Osama here at LCR, catching it on the 'berry, and quickly scrambled to fix the error.

I wasn't alone (Warning: NSFW f-bomb at the end of the video):


Related: At Memeorandum, per the NYT, "Data Show Bin Laden Plots; C.I.A. Hid Near Raided House."

Hat tip: San Diego Tea-Partying patriot, Charles Fettinger. Check out Charles' merchandise and material at DooDoo Economics.com.

Updated: I live in California but had no idea that Osama bin Laden showed up in San Francisco for a fund-raising event:

Ain't it rich how the lamestream press insistently pretends to be oh-so-much-smarter than the rest of us?

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