Weiner Fatigue

By the Left Coast Rebel

Forgive me for how inappropriate this sounds.

I have Weiner fatigue.

It's not that New York Rep. Anthony Weiner is not a Wiener or that he probably is pretty wide and loose with the use of his last name and that his version of the salacious story just doesn't add up and that he is lawyering up, as we speak.

Most pols are cheating scumbags, but enough of it, already!

He's not going to resign.

And, even if he did, just as big of a scumbag would take his place (safe district and all).

I want to see true conservatives Republicans go after politicians (in both parties) that are plundering, raping and pillaging the nation as we speak -- just click this link to see the US Debt Clock -- so big it's guaranteed to crash your browser at least once, just did mine.

Remember: scandal obsession is fertile ground for those with no intellectual consistency. Nevertheless, national bankruptcy just isn't nearly as salacious as chasing a titillating story on an obsessively-Tweeting Congressman named "Wiener".

Oops, I meant, Weiner.

Hot Dog...
This little Wiener probably has Weiner fatigue, too
Wiener image via Nikko Myers/Flickr.

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Iowahawk has a laugh-out-loud Weingergate post up, too.

DISCLAIMER: This post in no respect disrespects RightKlik's excellent muckraker work on Congressman Oscar Mayer (keep up the great work, buddy).

Updated: Fox News is now covering Weinergate, Carl Cameron just claimed that the tighty-whitey pic that has caused the controversy, "isn't anything that you wouldn't see on a Time's Square billboard ad for clothing of fashion."

Uh, Carl, have you seen the pic? It's not the undies, but the...shall we say...oh, nevermind.


  1. Oh but this is so fun!

    A guilty pleasure, yes.

    At the very least, this hinders Weiner's political attacks on Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

    I really think this could topple the Weiner. Mayor of NYC? I doubt it.

  2. Oh, I know it is ;).

    I can't think of a better recipient of our collective ire. Plus, he has the perfect name to poke (whoops, bad choice of words) fun at!

  3. Can't help myself. He is so incredibly nasty looking. His facial expressions and attitude are ever so childish. Remember when he got spanked by Megan Kelly? The expressions and arrogance are just the same in both interviews. He's like a mud-bath wrestler. Repuslive, but weirdly entertaining.


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