Was it Worth it?

By the Left Coast Rebel

Really, was it worth $200,000,000? You tell me.


  1. My question is... WAS Maria worth it? Why did he get hitched to that lib in the first place?

    And I'm wondering about the timing of all this. Seems like they were holding things together until the governator came down his powerful perch.

    I suppose it's more fun being married to a womanizer when he's trashing one of the world's largest economies. After that, not so much.

  2. Good points, RK. I think they had this thing on ice for years, my point is just that a guy like Arnold throws away his marriage and family for....what?

    Is a $200,000,000 price tag worth cheating (even if she is a lib and God knows why he was attracted to her).

    BTW, the governator made his Demostatist predecessor look competent.

  3. I'll bet now he wishes he'd taken the governor's salary.

  4. Who knows... May be worth the money to be rid of Maria!

  5. Why did he get hitched to that lib? LOL! Look at him - he's acting more like a Kennedy than she ever did!


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