Video: Who the hell is Tim Pawlenty?

By: Wes Messamore

Tim Pawlenty jumped into the 2012 Republican Primary today, saying that we have tried things Obama's way and "his way has failed" (Hat tip: Memeorandum). But in the video below, I explain how voting for Tim Pawlenty looks an awful lot like voting to try it Obama's way again, and I debunk the media hype that deceptively and destructively spins Tim Pawlenty as some kind of top-tier front runner when he clearly is not.

Wes Messamore, 24, is dedicated to the Tea Party principles of limited government, individual liberty, and the Constitutional rule of law. He blogs at his own libertarian website.


  1. Wes, well done! Needless to say I agree with your razor sharp analysis.

  2. Although I am not so keen on beating up on beating up fellow conservatives, I do agree on flushing out RINOs...
    Could it be that Pawlenty is like many other Republicans in Blue states? In other words, it only takes a bit of a rightward tilt to be considered conservative... They too just don't get it!
    I heard him on Rush and was not really impressed although he had a good sales pitch... Be weary folks. Our future depends on it!


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