(VIDEO) SNL's Seth Myers at the White House Correspondents' Dinner

by the Left Coast Rebel

Part I

Part II:

Liberal Seth Myers' liberal jokes (hat-tip Politico, via Memeorandum):
  • “CSPAN is of course the official network for wide shots of empty chairs. … CSPAN is one unpaid electric bill away from being a radio station.”
  • “Sen. Jon Kyl told me 90 percent of what [the White House Correspondents Association] does is abortions.”
  • “You know how you know I’m not in New York? In New York, no one is excited to go to a Bloomberg party. In New York, a Bloomberg party is five people standing outside of a bar complaining about Bloomberg.”
  • “Katie [Couric] was known best for asking those tough questions, like ‘Name a newspaper.’”
  • “Jon Hamm looks the way every Republican thinks he looks. Zach Galifianakis looks the way every Republican thinks every Democrat looks.”
  • “Donald Trump has said he’s running for president as a Republican — which is surprising because I thought he was running as a joke. “
  • “Donald Trump owns the Miss USA pageant, which is great for Republicans because it will streamline their search for a vice president.”
  • To President Obama: “I’ll tell you who could beat you: 2008 Barack Obama. You would have loved him.”
  • To President Obama: “If your hair gets any whiter, the tea party is going to endorse it.”
  • On House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan: “He believes the American people have said loud and clear: Stop using my tax dollars to take care of me!”
Liberal jokes that run the gamut and one at Teh One's expense (that, of course hints at the raaaacist Tea Party, too)?

What a joke.

End the incestuous WH Correspondents' Dinner. Now.

Updated: Don Surber says it better than I could have:

If the press were independent, it would not sit around listening to the president joke about his opposition.

I am sorry but I could not watch these things when Bush was president either.

There is something plain wrong about this clubbiness. The press is supposed to be a watchdog of the president. Instead, we have this lapdog symbiosis in which they pal around.

End the White House Correspondents’ Association annual dinner. They are vulgar displays of the arrogance of power.

Not the president so much as the White House press corps.


  1. Jon Kyl says your blog is an abortion.

  2. Wow, that's just hilarious, troll boy. How long did it take you to come up with that between bong hits?


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