South Carolina Republican Debate - What Did You Think?

by Chris W.

Some quick thoughts on last night's debate:

If you are looking for a politician, Pawlenty or Santorum are your men. Standard answers that were not really answers, robotic hand gestures and plenty of polish. Can you say boring?

Herman Cain has charisma. First time I've really seen him and he is going to win over plenty of people. I found it telling though that at times it seemed like he didn't have a plan especially when it came to the economy and foreign policy. I wished he would have given some specifics on what he believed.

Gary Johnson was himself. He's not spit-and-polished like Pawlenty and Santorum; just a guy you could have a beer with and he answered the questions (except for the stupid "what would your reality show be like?" one) in a straight-forward manner. Unfortunately, I think that he needed to highlight his record as Governor of New Mexico and as a businessman more.

Ron Paul was the guy we have grown to love. Probably the smartest man in the room but came across as folksy, quirky and funny. Absolutely nailed every question.

While I'll probably never be a Cain supporter, I think he won the debate on style. I can see where he is going to be a formidable challenger in the race, especially in this world of short answers and sound-bytes. On substance however Dr Paul won hand down. He was able to get his points across and best stated why he will be the best choice to be the next President.

So, what are your thoughts?

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  1. There couldn't have been a clearer contrast to the establishment and non-establishment last night.

    Ron Paul really knocked the ball out of the park.

    I was a bit discouraged by Johnson; as you say, he should have introduced himself to the nation!

    Cain did well; the guy has some serious charisma but the lack of specifics in his answers was troubling...


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