Socialist Pig: IMF Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn Charged with Sexual Assault

By LCR Contributor Barrel Rider

IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn has been charged with attempting to rape a maid in his posh $3,000-a-night New York City hotel suite. The French Presidential candidate was picked off a Paris-bound flight on the runway where he was traveling first class.

The maid alleges she entered his room to clean and Stauss-Kahn emerged from the bathroom naked pulling her into the bedroom. The woman told police she fought him off, but then he dragged her into the bathroom, where he forced her to perform oral sex on him and tried to remove her underwear. The woman was able to break free again, escape the room, then telling staff what had happened, authorities said. Evidence in the room suggests that it was abandoned quickly.

Strauss-Kahn has a history of improper sexual relations as he was involved in a consensual relationship with a female employee of the IMF in 2008.

I wonder what portion of his trip to NYC was American-taxpayer-funded?

For instance:

First Class round trip Paris to New York = $1,500;

2 Nights in the luxury Sofitel Hotel = $6,000;

Dinner and drinks $500; legal defense $25,000;

Past estimates pegged U.S. funding of the European Bailout through the IMF at about 18-20%.

The latest with DSK brings to mind the term ‘socialist pig’.

Via Memeorandum.

Exit question: IMF Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn was arrested yesterday. Did NYPD tag the wrong socialist pig?



  1. Not that it really matters.. but round trip 1st class from JFK to CDG is more like $15,000...

  2. It is a shame the maid did not bite his penis off

  3. John,
    Thanks for the correction, admittedly my 'ballpark' figures are woefully underestimated...I have never actually paid for first class airfare and only flew first class once (free upgrade) on a domestic flight. His legal fee's are likely to far exceed my 25k figure, that may cover a week in the office or a day in court...the IMF is a gansta' organization living high at the expense of the U.S. taxpayer.


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