So we attacked Libya to prevent Rwanda and now there are mass graves in Syria

Image credit: Saberpoint

By Sam Foster

Tell me about the brilliance of Obama foreign policy again?

The Economist drivels:

Another criticism of Mr Obama is that his policy is inconsistent. Why batter Colonel Qaddafi and not intervene on the side of the opposition in Yemen, Bahrain, perhaps even Syria? Mr Obama is thought to be preparing another speech, some time in the next month or two, that will set out his broader thinking on what the Arab awakening means to Arabs and the wider world, and spell out how America might be able to help nudge it in a favourable direction. Yet the president plainly believes that there are so many variables in the present fast-moving circumstances that it is not possible to adopt a single doctrine that fits each case. Bahrain has cracked down forcibly on the opposition but not in the manner of a Qaddafi—and both America, with its naval base, and Saudi Arabia have a powerful strategic interest in the country. Ditto Yemen, a hodge-podge of tribes and factions with a dangerous al-Qaeda presence.

NY Times reports that Libya was to prevent a Rwanda. But, if Libya was headed for genocide, what would you call mass graves in Syria?

Students in Syria's second-largest city called for a nationwide strike today amid a government crackdown on democracy protesters, some of whom alleged Tuesday that they had discovered a mass grave of victims of attacks ordered by President Bashar Assad.

Two videos posted by activists on YouTube showed decaying bodies being dug up from a pit in Daraa.

Dissident Ammar Qurabi said people in Daraa have reported finding four burial sites in their region in recent days, including two mass graves in the city itself. Since March 15, the area has been the flash point of a pro-democracy movement against Assad, whose family has been in power for 40 years.

Last month, Daraa came under siege when security forces occupied the area with army tanks. Human Rights Watch says the government has killed as many as 1,000 people.

Yet supposedly, killing Osama Bin Laden has prevented Obama from becoming Jimmy Carter.


  1. Not to be crude, but aren't there "pits" from one end of the earth to the other? The Syrian pits are not special.

    A cartoon today said it best. We stopped going to the moon only because there was nothing up there to kill.

  2. Gary I think the point is that Libya isn't anymore special than Syria... Regardless of how the NY Times tries to patronize it.
    There is nothing that can keep 0bama from looking like Jimmy Carter-II!


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