San Diego "America's Finest City"? Local San Diego News Affiliate KUSI Features "Manhunt Mondays"

by the Left Coast Rebel

Call it L.A. creep, the decline of the Once-Golden State reaches into every corner of what used to be a middle-class paradise. I often get emails from fellow bloggers that ask where I live, "San Diego,?" they ask, "you're so lucky, such a beautiful place."

Well, it's actually not. San Diego -- like all of California -- faces insurmountable problems mostly afflicted by the hand of socialist progressive government. Illegal immigration has destroyed large swaths of inland cities. Those looking for a better lifestyle are forced to move closer and closer to the crowded coasts where the cost of living is beyond exorbitant.

La Jolla is gorgeous, sure, but who can afford property in the $1000-per-foot range?

The freeways here are a joke. Libs rule the roost and have (along with illegal aliens) destroyed the public school system here, thus middle class residents are forced to either homeschool or put their kids in private schools. People are shallow and materialistic.

And there's also a lot more crime in San Diego than one might suspect. What kind of town has local news affiliates that feature "Manhunt Mondays?"

This screencap of a cost-of-living comparative calculator tells the story. Listen to this - a combined salary of two, clocking in at $75,000 per year in San Diego would be an equivalent, cost-of-living-adjusted $54,000 in Richmond, Virginia.

Richmond's cost of living clocks in at almost 30% lower than San Diego while pay is only 7% less than here (other states like Florida are an even starker contrast):

Screen shot 2011-05-09 at 7.22.53 AM

The last time that I visited VA, I looked at a property near a lake...with a large yard and woods for the mid-150s. The mid-150s get you...well, nothing in San Diego.

I already have one foot out the door -- sorry SLOBs (friends in the San Diego Local Order of Conservative Bloggers), I'll miss you, but I can't wait to get out of this place.

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  1. We have our eye on the door too. Except we just moved into a brand new house here in the East bay area. Texas is looking pretty good to us. Maybe Colorado (although its rapidly turning into a blue state).

  2. Lisa: You may want to consider southern VA, it's beautiful, the weather is milder than one may suspect, it's conservative and a great place to live.

  3. Texas is looking good to me. I remember good surf in Va Beach as a kid... just say'n...
    sad thing is, what conservatives will want California?


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