Ron Paul on Fox News Sunday, May 15, 2011

by the Left Coast Rebel

If one wants to catch a glimpse inside the House that Paul Built that explains the dynamics behind his incredible level of enthusiastic support (especially among the youth), look no further than Dr. No's appearance on Fox News Sunday yesterday with Chris Wallace.

In an interview ranging from the IMF's totalitarian global finance schemes, American sovereignty, basic constitutional principles, what he would do as president (1:30 on the dial), moral hazard, original intent, the upcoming financial crisis....Ron Paul hits the ball out of the park on each and every issue.

Watch it:

Paul also clarifies his Osama bin Laden kill mission stance later in the video (8:30), which stirred controversy last week.

Hat tip enthusiastic reader European-Time-Zone John.


  1. Although it is true I am currently on Central European Time zone,(Germany)I am a US born and raised freedom loving citizen and I have a birth certificate to prove it! Raised in Florida and lived a few years in Chula Vista!
    I did jump the gun a bit earlier because I have heard so many mis-characterizations of Ron Paul's principles. I just want the record to be accurate. We get enough spin from the LSM...
    Furthermore I like the post from humble libertarian. Let's just get rid of Obama! nuff said!

  2. Chula Vista? Small world, John. Thanks for reading!

  3. Ron Paul has many great ideas, but I'm not comfortable with his views and attitudes towards national defense. I disagree with him on the Bin Laden raid as well. He is dead on in his assessment of the IMF and has a great vision of how to re-stabilize the United States economy and provide growth for the future. I just can't get too excited about any of the candidates, they all seem to have weakness that is likely to be exploited during a campaign. I really can't stomach the thought of a BHO re-election. These republican candidate need to work on their charisma a bit. It really is a bit of a popularity contest. It may be wrong, but style counts as much as substance on the campaign trail...

  4. Barrell Rider, all the candidates will have issues or as you put it "weakness". May I suggest you look closely at his "views and attitudes towards national defense".. Is our southern border secure because we have troops in other lands?
    What person on earth has all the pieces of the puzzle?
    But more importantly, how will you argue against a man that is basing his principles on our founding document? In a sense we would have to say that the constitution is unconstitutional!


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