Reader Request: Vote on Scott Walker's Approval

by the Left Coast Rebel

I just received an email alerting me to a poll that's up at the Milwaukee Journal Times, pertaining to Governor Scott Walker's performance.

Outdo the leftist union thugs and vote your approval -- I'm with the 60% of poll respondents that "highly approve" of Governor Walker's job performance -- I wonder how they'll spin those kind of numbers?

The poll can be found here.


  1. I voted in that poll. Against Walker.
    Never been in a union and am hardly
    a thug....but I know a jerk when I see one...

  2. If that's your opinion, then so be it. Many union types are thugs -- especially leadership. Why do you think the mafia has such close ties to unions?

  3. I voted in the Poll! I'm with the side that is at 65% !!!

  4. Unions? In Wisconsin? Naw, they're
    gone. But the jerk is still there.
    ..that's my opinion, then so be it.

  5. The unions are gone in Wisconsin? Seriously? They have just been put in a place that is closer to where they should be.

    Even the grandfather of progressivism -- FDR -- believed that collective bargaining for federal workers was a bad deal for nation and may spread animosity toward public unions...

    Also, send me a link from a reputable site and I will consider that tidbit you linked here.

  6. I am guessing a reputable site that meets your requirements might be Fox?

  7. Hmm, interesting, BB. If these facts are true -- and it looks very possible -- then this reeks of cronyism and nepotism...

    So although I support Walker's positions re: unions and the historic actions recently, I certainly don't like what i see with this story.

  8. I've proven myself honest, now I want your response on FDR's take on collective bargaining.

  9. You have proven yourself honest. As for FDR and one might suppose any elected public entity, dealing with
    organized workers is simply not as
    advantaqeous as dealing with them as individuals. In my manufacturing experience, this idea holds for the private sector as well. I guess the
    key word is 'negotiation'; setting
    salary/benefits/conditions is much
    simpler and cheaper. Of course the caveat becomes whether cheaper costs
    loss of best workers. While we are being honest here, IMO the Wisconsin
    conundrum involved the teachers unions conceding everything Walker
    wanted. But, in a feelgood power
    high that would credit Lord Acton,
    he further demanded that they give up collective bargaining.
    ..BTW, if FDR was the grandfather of
    progressivism, we note that Wisconsin's Robert LaFollette was the
    great of the most progressive states, and probably why all the rancor over current events.


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