Politico Blames Conservative Blogger for Anthony's Weiner ― UPDATE: Conservative Blogger Takes Credit!

Ben Smith makes a bold assumption at Politico. That lewd picture sent from Rep. Anthony Weiner's Twitter account to the coed in Washington Smith is very confident that it came from a conservative blogger:
She blames an anonymous person who "had harassed me many times after the Congressman followed me on Twitter a month or so ago" -- likely a conservative blogger who's been focusing on Weiner's Twitter feed -- for ginning up the storm.

The statement doesn't say whether she's been in touch with Weiner amid the recent fuss, but it has a kind of comprehensiveness and force that make it quite effective.


You know what, y'all? Since it's already become so obvious, I'm going to go ahead and take responsibility for this one.

Q: What was Weiner's Twitter password?

A: ScrappyLuvsBBW69.

Same for his yfrog acccount. Duh!

Q: Isn't it a strange coincidence that among the mere 91 people Weiner followed, one just happened to be a busty coed with a crush on him, who called him her "boyfriend?"

A: I added Gennette Cordova to Weiner's list shortly after I successfully guessed his password.

Here's another question from Ace:

Q: The Comely Coed called Weiner her "boyfriend" and friends commented that she had a "crush" on him. Are we to believe the hacker knew the one woman in the world who might be interested in a dic-pic from the homely anteater Anthony Weiner?

A: I'm singularly obsessed with Anthony Weiner. Don't ask me why. I started blogging about him long before I "ginned up this storm." I follow Weiner's tweets on Twitter, and I track his followers' tweets by searching "@RepWeiner" several times each day. After monitoring Weiner's Twitter activity, it became obvious that Weiner's self-proclaimed "girlfriend," Gennette Cordova, was the ideal candidate for an epic online prank.

Q: Those skinny legs in that picture?

A: Weiner and I are virtually identical from the waist down.


Seriously. I did this. I don't know why Weiner hasn't come after me already. My prank may have been brilliant, but I'm really not very tech savvy. I should have been caught by now. I cannot answer the questions that I do not have the answers to.

Any more questions?


RS McCain seems to think I'm joking. Oh well, thanks for the link!


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