(PHOTOS) Top Secret Stealth Blackhawk Helicopter that Crashed During Bin Laden Raid Updated: Details on the Stealth Blackhawk

by the Left Coast Rebel

Yesterday, Bungalow Bill posted the Osama Bin Laden raid death photos that Reuters posted then promptly yanked off the net...then strangely re-posted.

Beyond the carnage pictured, I noted the clear shot of the helicopter that Navy SEAL Team 6 had to leave behind and was then promptly sabotaged and destroyed. Once again, you can view the photos here (GRAPHIC).

ABC News (via Memeorandum) has a story today dedicated to the top secret Osama bin Laden raid helicopter that gives more details on the top secret stealth Blackhawk helicopter:

It's unfortunate that details of the top secret Blackhawk are now public but it's pretty amazing to find that such a thing even exists.

What do we know now about the top secret Blackhawk helicopter?
  • A special disc is seen covering the rotors, which provides the stealth capability and deny radar signature.
  • The top secret chopper also has a modified tail boom, seen here.
  • The top secret Blackhawk features sharp angles and flat surfaces much like a stealth jet.
  • Eyewitnesses near Osama's compound claim that they could not hear the stealth Blackhawk until it was directly overhead.
  • The stealth Blackhawk helicopter is coated with a secret, fabric-like material that also adds to its stealth capability -- pieces were carried away by children and Pakistani officials and are now perhaps enroute to China.
Another thing: Per the ABC News article, residents near Osama bin Laden's compound claim that all electricity and cellphone service was knocked out before the raid.

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  1. First of all, that is one bad-assed bird. Its too bad Pakistan is really an enemy of the U.S ,as evident by the SEALs blowing the bird in place and the failure of the U.S. to notify any Pakistani officials of the raid. There is a big dilema now...what to do about Pakistan. Lets hope an investigation is underway as we type/read. If it turns out that evidence supports the claim that Pakistan did knowinly harbor Bin Laden, then swift action must be taken to include but not limited to: immediate cancellation of all U.S. aid. U.N. hearing to determine what violations occurred and subsequent economic and military sanctions against Pakistan.


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