(PHOTO) Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in The Sperminator

By the Left Coast Rebel

I feel bad for the Schwarzenegger family, who, by no fault of their own have been wronged by a man of low to no character. In that sense, anything is fair game in poking (no pun intended) fun at Arnold Schwarzenegger's expense. The internet is a big, mean, nasty place and once in a great while we can offer up a good case of schadenfreude for a cheating, arrogant, rotten s.o.b. like the former Governator.

Follow this link for proof of what he is capable of, his going-away present for the people of Ka-lee-fo-nee-a.

Anyway, do you think this is appropriate? I do:


Brilliant. Now go say a prayer for this man's family.

Hat-tip to LCR's most voracious reader -- German-residing-US-expat-John.

Updated: Wow. Even Reuters is along for the ride.

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