Pawlenty Hopes "I'm Sorry" Is Enough... It Isn't

By: Wes Messamore

Michael D. Shear writes at The New York Times:

The moderator announced that everyone should turn their attention to a old radio ad for an environmental group in which Mr. Pawlenty heartily endorses a cap-and-trade policy — practically apostasy in his party.

“Do we have to?” Mr. Pawlenty quipped awkwardly. His voice soon echoed through the auditorium saying “cap greenhouse gas pollution now!”

But in a response that was clearly carefully prepared, Mr. Pawlenty looked right at the camera after the radio ad played, apologized to the American people, and said he had made a “mistake.”

Hat tip: Memeorandum

But there's only one right answer for Tim Pawlenty. It's too late to apologize...

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  1. Litmus tests, scarlet letters...
    say, how come Newt has survived?

  2. Spot on! Pawlenty is an establishment republican.


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