One-Man-Army for Liberty: Senator Rand Paul Delays Renewal of PATRIOT Act Provisions

By the Left Coast Rebel

Sometimes, all it takes is one man standing up:

(WSJ) Sen. Rand Paul has single-handedly stopped the extension of three key provisions of the Patriot Act until after they expire at midnight Thursday. Unless he folds.

The Senate voted to end debate on the measure, but Sen. Paul, a Kentucky Republican, is insisting the Senate debate the measure for a full 30 hours, which would extend beyond the midnight expiration. Mr. Paul’s tactic is procedural: By not agreeing to a request for unanimous consent to yield back debate time, he can insist the debate continues until 7a.m. Friday, past the midnight expiration of the provisions. Mr. Paul, a libertarian who opposes the Patriot Act, could change course and allow a vote before the provisions expire.

Youtube video of Rand Paul's speech yesterday on the floor of the United States Senate, hat-tip Matt Welch:

Senator Rand Paul has been all but alone in highlighting the most onerous and unconstitutional provisions of the PATRIOT Act.

For conservatives unaware of the perils therein of the PATRIOT Act, please watch this video, "The Patriot Act's Historical and Legal Context" with Judge Napolitano:

And an introduction by Judge Andrew Napolitano into why the PATRIOT Act is unconstitutional, given to the the Future of Freedom Foundation in 2007:

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