Old Man, Living Like a Pig, Watching Himself on TV...

by the Left Coast Rebel

...what's that? No, I'm not talking about this guy, rather, America's formerly most-wanted man: Fish-Food Osama.

American Power has the video that shows bin Laden livin' it up in the lap of anything but luxury. Osama, we find, is watching...wait for it...nope, not Al Jazeera or CNN, but...himself -- Osama -- on a crappy CRT 13-inch, 1980s-looking television (no plasma flat screens in bin Laden's compound, apparently):

More from Lonely Conservative:

It looks like he got his hat from Sanford and Son, and it’s about as fascinating as watching paint dry. The dude lived like a pig.

Sanford and Son? That's pretty funny.

Maggie's Notebook has more. Also read per Memeoradum, at the NYT, Maureen Dowd: "Killing Evil Doesn't Make us Evil."


  1. He was watching himself? Yeah. I guess you'd need cable to see Jersey Shore!

  2. For a religion that hates pigs, a great deal of them emulate the swine.

  3. He's got a pretty weak setup, he doesn't even have a VIZIO. Admittedly, I though he was holed up in a cave or a small mountain village. Its concerning that he seemingly still had some Command and Control capability, albeit an inefficient and slow moving chain of command. The raid undoubtedly produced further destruction of an already splintered and crippled Al-Queda network. There is still a terror threat to United States and we must continue to kill as many of the enemy as possible.


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