Obama losing Socialist support over slow disaster relief response

It seems that Tuscaloosa, AL maybe Obama's Katrina.

After stopping by the area, hard hit by tornadoes, Obama offered immense support:

“I want to make the commitment to the communities here that we'll do everything we can to help these communities out,” the president said from a small clearing among the piles of debris on 25th Avenue East in Alberta.

What you're seeing here is the consequence of just a few minutes, (but) our biggest priority is helping this community with comfort.

He went on:

As President Barack Obama travelled through Tuscaloosa, Ala. to survey the damage left behind by Wednesday's series of deadly tornadoes, he said he had "never seen devastation like this."

"We're going to make sure you're not forgotten,"
Obama told residents.

This is Obama, he makes things a top priority so that he knows what to forget about.

ABC News did a follow up report on Tuscaloosa. It has now been a month since Obama made his promise. Nothing has changed.

"Obama said he was gonna help everybody, that's a lie."

It seems that tornado victims aren't the only ones fuming at Obama's response-in-show only; the following excerpt is from World Socialist Web Site:

Comparing his visit to the Missouri city with his trip last month to Alabama, Obama said, “When we were in Tuscaloosa a few weeks ago, I talked about how I hadn’t seen devastation like that in my lifetime,” he said before the memorial service Sunday. “When you come here to Joplin, and it is just as heartbreaking, and in some ways more devastating,” he added. “Obviously, it is going to take years to build back.”

Neither the press nor the local politicians questioned this timeline, which is clearly based on a perspective of limited, even negligible, outside assistance. While Obama purports to take a less callous approach, such remarks confirm that the Democrats, like the Republicans, are committed to leaving the people of Joplin in the lurch.

Only a few hours after Obama’s appearance in Joplin, ABC News broadcast a report on the conditions in Tuscaloosa, one month after the tornado hit the city. Huge piles of debris still litter the city, where nearly 7,000 homes were destroyed on April 27.

Shirley Billingsley, 69, said her family worry they’ll have to sleep outside their wrecked home while they wait for emergency aid. “Obama came in and he said, ‘We’re gonna help everybody’,” she told ABC. “That’s a lie! Tell him Shirley said it, and she lives in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.”

You know that the comparisons to Katrina are warranted when Obama starts angering socialists.


  1. The road to Hell is paved with Democrat promises and unintended consequences.

    To be a liberal is to feel good about what you're saying while you're saying it.

  2. I've been saying this for weeks. Too bad most the media still have tingles up their legs to report it (but they were on Bush faster than it took Obama to raise a glass in Ireland and fake a pathetic accent). While our country was getting devastated with tornadoes and floods, our esteemed POTUS was gallivanting over seas in countries that completely fawn over him.

  3. Bush got hammered over 3 days and it was claimed it was because the victims are black. BO, whose administration haven't hidden their bigotry against whites, have taken MONTHS and not a peep from the press. Yea, it's bad when even the socialists can't hide the obvious and the embarrassing gaffe's.


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