New York Artist Beautifies Nations Rooftops

By LCR Contributor Barrell Rider

Scott LoBaido began his latest rendering of Old Glory Sunday afternoon, unknowingly coordinating his latest painting with the killing of America’s most wanted man Osama Bin Laden.

LaBaido began his mission to paint a flag in all 50 states five years ago when he first crossed the country. He is currently touring the nation to touch up some of his originals, repaint replacements and complete his 50 state project.

The Weir Construction building in Escondido California was the recipient of LaBaido’s latest flag and was chosen out of several candidates. The rooftop is high visibility and can be seen from the nearby roads and the sprinter which passes nearby. The rooftop itself has been a secret tribute to veterans for decades. In 1999, during a re-roof of the building, workers uncovered words carved on the wood under the roof tiles. The inscription was dated October 17, 1943 and signed by three men. It referenced an incident in which 60 American bombers were lost in a week during World War II in what became known as the Schweinfurt raid.

LaBaido is a native New Yorker who lost friends in 9/11 and is a bit of a Hemingway type himself. He travels across the nation in his flag-painted truck with most of his personal belongings in the back. He makes little to no money on his projects and relies on recipients and strangers for food and shelter, often he sets up camp in the city he is working in.

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