Nancy Pelosi Endorses Kathy Hochul in NYC Fundraiser

by Sam Foster

For at least the second time in two weeks, Kathy Hochul is living it up with the deep pocketed liberals of NYC. Every time she goes out there, her mask seemingly falls off.

Last time she was advertising her "progressive" beliefs and her "pro-choice" stance. This time, she received an endorsement from Nancy Pelosi, who came out to help her raise funds.

A helpful reader tips me off that former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi joined much of the New York Democratic establishment at a just-concluded fundraiser for NY-26 hopeful Kathy Hochul on the upper West Side.

"About 120 showed up for the event," which was hosted by James Simon at his home.

According to the event's Facebook page, the prices were: Chair: $2,500, Vice Chair: $1000, Patron: $500, Friend: $250.

The original "Special Guests" were advertised as Sen. Chuck Schumer (who'll also be on the stump with Hochul on Sunday), Reps. Carolyn Maloney and Jerrold Nadler and City Comptroller John Liu.

There is a reason why Nancy Pelosi's support was so silent. According to a Siena Poll in NY-26, Nancy Pelosi's approval is 25 percent to 67 percent disapproval.

But, while Kathy Hochul doesn't want NY-26 to know about her Nancy Pelosi support, she is a fan.

In fact, Kathy Hochul thinks Nancy Pelosi is doing a "great job."

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