Most Likely to Succeed: Hussein vs Herman

College daze: Barack Obama vs. Herman Cain

So on a 90 degree Saturday in Hotlanta, Herman Cain drew 10,000 - 15,000 supporters. I'd say that's not bad for a "long shot" presidential candidate particularly considering the fact that the crowd came out to hear Cain officially announce what he had already officially announced that he would officially announce...

How big have your crowds been lately, Mitt?

You can read all about the Herminator's big day elsewhere. Just a Conservative Girl drove 11 hours to be there. Sam Foster officially announces his official congratulations.

Meanwhile, Herman makes his case for his candidacy in this clever piece at Fox News, Solving for X. Don't miss it.

As for the picture above, it's a side-by-side comparison of Hussein and Herman during their college days. One was studying mathematics and computer science, the other was studying Marxism and benzoylmethylecgonine. If they had been in the same class, who do you suppose would have been voted most likely to succeed?

For reasons that are not obvious to me, the fascists at Think Progress are circulating the picture of young Herman. Surely they didn't want to jump-start feelings of voter regret by reminding us of what a shady, metrosexual pot head we managed to let into the White House in '08.

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  1. sad to say, Mr. Cain just said the same old thing as every other politician on Chris Wallace's Sunday morning show that, in the event of not raising the debt ceiling, he would pay the interest on the debt first and then: make sure the military budget is paid next (presumably in full without any reforms or oversight or cuts); then Social Security next and the Medicare third, again all presumably with no changes at all...and he probably left Medicaid out just as an oversight.

    I hate to pee in the punch bowl to anyone enamaored of Mr. Cain right now....but that is precisely the problem we are in the situation we are in now! Those programs can not be held sacrosanct any more than the NASA budget or welfare or transportation or agriculture programs when it comes to budget austerity.

    Check the Fox tape of today's interview....I don't think this is an unfair criticism of his views. It is just wrong, that is all, just like all of the other politicians before him who refuse to admit the truth and then act on it.

  2. I had lunch last summer one on one with Col Allen West and am now considering Cain as my default candidate even though I still am voting at the moment for Romney.

    I am simply not going to support the Pawlentys who apologize for their own existence---I watch The Daily Show and that was sad to see a grown man cringe in front of an agitpreppie moron.


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