More Thoughts on the First 2011 Republican Debate

by the Left Coast Rebel

LCR contributors have chimed in. An independent conservative, a libertarian, and a true conservative/tea party activist put forth their well-spoken thoughts on last night's GOP debate in South Carolina.

I watched it as well but didn't have time to blog, so here goes my take:

Pawlenty: Let's begin by setting our target square on the establishment: Tim Pawlenty or "T-Dawg", as he's lovingly referred to by those who should know better. Apologized for his his support of Cap And Tax, almost breaking into a Jimmy Swaggart, "I have sinned" moment that automatically disqualified him from serious fiscal conservative support:

Way too polished and rehearsed. An actor. A thinner less chiseled-chin-and-hair Mitt Romney.
Would throw the Tea Party under the bus as John Boehner has done. Deeply flawed candidate in-so-far as conservative/Tea Party/small 'l' libertarian ideals goes, none of this is new news. The type of politician that this nation can ill afford given our fiscal situation. Pawlenty = David Frum/RINO favorite of the night.

Rick Santorum: The kind of Republican that towed the social conservative line hook line and sinker yet spent this nation into oblivion during 2000-2006. Voted for Medicare Part D. 'Nuff said. Not up to the Herculean task of righting this nation's financial ship. Could hardly watch his performance. We won't get fooled again! Santorum = Big-government Republican, Throw a Bone to Social Conservatives favorite of the night.

Herman Cain: Like the guy, I really do. Love his charisma, energy and life story. Was disappointed, however, in the substance -- or lack therof -- of many of his answers. Seemed a bit cagey and came in squarely short of his awesome performance at CPAC. Love the guy, I really do, but he needs to do better next time and stress his conservative bona fides. Herman Cain = Tea Party Member/Registered Republican That Has Nowhere to go in a Field of Has-been Big-government GOPers favorite of the night.

Ron Paul: Great performance and exactly what one would expect post-2008. No one knows the Constitution, the dangers of unlimited foreign engagements, perilously-forgotten Austrian economics theory and viable solutions to the financial disaster(s) that we face like Dr. No does. Monumentally loses the public when he decries water-boarding for Gitmo detainees. Also loses on drug legalization with the conservative base (although I agree) . The thing that makes Paul so appealing is also his worst enemy: he never, ever, ever minces words and speaks his mind. Wish he could ease into positions that clash with traditional thought, instead of unleashing full-frontal assaults. Love him or hate him, that's Ron Paul and he's the grandfather of the Tea Party Rebellion. Amazing that he excites the youth more than any candidate, bar none -- and he's 75 years old! Ron Paul = Libertarian +Tea Party + Youth favorite of the night.

Gary Johnson: My favorite going into the debate. Came out wonkish and libertarian awkward. Has the best track record of slashing spending as Governor of New Mexico but wasn't able to present. Needed less focus on marijuana, (don't know why Johnson focuses so much on pot when national bankruptcy is imminent but I respect his honesty). Needed more focus on his economic prowess and proven track record of fiscal conservativism in a Democratic-leaning state. With a little debate coaching and more focus on his strengths, can come out near the top next time. Gary Johnson = Split-Off Votes of Libertarian + Tea Party favorite of the night.

Thoughts, anyone?

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  1. Cain's support of the Fed and TARP make him a sinking ship with the Tea Party (folks just don't know him well enough yet. Paul has too much video out there of sounding down right cookie. No real contender in this race yet. I'm pissed so many good candidates are waiting for 2016...which makes then suck. Still wishing someone would push McDonnell into the frey. Think the stage is being set for Bauchmann to be the front runner, and Congressmen/women don't really make great candidates. Not optimistic about 2012

  2. I know, Sarah, it's shocking and makes me think that he powers that be aren't allowing a fight against The One.

  3. Herman Cain is a definite NO for me since he worked for the Federal Reserve and supported the bail outs.

    HE IS PART OF THE PROBLEM...plain and simple.

  4. Sarah...guess you aren't watching the right Ron Paul videos? *wink*

    If you have any questions about him or anything he says....let me know. Most likely there is perfect logic aligned with the Constitution but some folks don't understand that...specially when taken out of context by the media. He really isn't as "kookie" as people think.

    PS...have you read any of his books? That will definitely help understand where he's coming from.

    Rebel: I liked Gary Johnson as well.

  5. (Libertarians + Social Conservatives + Tea Party) / (Paul + Santorum + Cain) = Romney wins the nomination

  6. RK: Bleh, is that the grand design in all of this?

  7. The establishment is hard to beat. Folks like Karl Rove, Charles Krauthammer and George Will want Romney, Daniels or T-paw, not necessarily in that order.

    All of the front runners are fundamentally flawed. Most of the rest likely would be easily ripped to shreds by the MSM (not that they don't all have critical flaws as well).

    Lemons, lemonade, etc.

  8. Bankrupt welfare statism and islam are our two biggest problems. None of the candidates can tackle both. Not optimistic.

  9. It certainly is looking bleak for 2012. My choice for a ticket is... Paul/Johnson.

    Sadly however it ain't likely to happen, for the reasons RightKlik points out.

  10. here's the deal:

    ALL of the GOP operatives who know how to get people elected through the byzantine primary process (don't be is set up by the establishment, for the establishment and of the establishment to elect candidates that they are comfortable with...why? BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT ESTABLISHMENTS DO, PEOPLE!

    once a candidate gets through promising ethanol subsidies to Iowa corn farmers, no tax hikes to the no tax hike crowd in what used to be pretty conservative NH; no cutting of the defense budget in what is now a solid defense industry state of SC; no reforming of SS or Medicare to anyone ANYWHERE in the known universe and no cuts to anyone's favorite special programs like roads, bridges and Headstart...they get nominated by the GOP Convention....and then can't do anything cause they have already promised NOT TO DO ANYTHING EXCEPT CUT TAXES FURTHER AND INCREASE SPENDING ACROSS THE BOARD!

    and does anyone wonder why we have a $14 trillion debt now heading to $20 T? I am just shocked it ain't $100 trillion already.

    If any one of the most gutsy of candidates would run as a third party Independent, THAT would shake things up. Obama might get re-elected in 2012...but the 3rd party that is socially libertarian and fiscally conservative will rule for the 21st century.

    Just like Lee Atwater predicted way back in 1986.....he hit it dead square right on the nail head.

  11. (oops! so carried away I forgot to finish my first thought above)

    all of these operatives are already committed to Romney in NH and Pawlenty in Iowa. There is no one left who knows how to navigate the arcane process of the Iowa caucuses to help a Trump or a Cain even if they do want to run there.

    so watch for a Romney blowout win in NH and a PAW win in Iowa and then whoever can get enough votes to remain viable in SC a week or so later...that is who is going to be the GOP candidate in 2012....we'll know in about 9 months time

  12. Great points, Frank, especially this,

    "...but the 3rd party that is socially libertarian and fiscally conservative will rule for the 21st century."

    I agree that this is where the future will be. The corrupt process with the GOP that you note here will bankrupt this country as fast as Obama will.

  13. Every LCR reader has got to read 'Henry Clay: The Essential American' by Daniel and Jeanne it, they show how Senator Henry Clay helped start the Whig Party out of the rib of the National Republican Party in opposition to Andy Jackson's policies in the White House and it dominated the American scene for the next 20 years or so.

    same thing could be happening right now and only the incumbent pols don't know it yet. 'Socially Libertarian/Fiscal Conservative' seems to fit the banner under most people who are disenchanted with both of the major parties today and neither is capable to getting in front of the new bow wave of political sentiment for fear of alienating its current base (liberal spenders on the left/ social conservatives on the right)

    Call it the 'Left Coast Rebel' Party for all I care....I would name it the Enlightened Libertarian Democratic Republican (ELDR) Party except it sounds like something from the AARP....whom I despise.


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