Mission Accomplished, Rand Paul

Rand Paul
Image: Rand Paul speaking to Iowa Federation of College Republicans annual convention in Des Moines, Iowa. Credit: Gage Skidmore

By the Left Coast Rebel

I saw the headline at the New York Times this morning, "Senate Gadfly Who Isn’t Shy About Buzzing" and I instantly thought that the intended target of said piece was none other than Mr. Tea Party Senator, Senator Rand Paul.

I was right. From the NYT piece:

WASHINGTON — Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky did not come to this town to be quiet.

In the first six months of his tenure, he has designed his own budget (something, point of fact, that Senate Democrats have not accomplished), flirted with running for president and tormented Obama administration officials at a hearing over the fact that his toilets, hampered by federal water-use regulations, do not function properly.

This week, Mr. Paul’s parliamentary maneuvers nearly caused the Patriot Act to expire, and forced hundreds of colleagues in both chambers of Congress to reconsider their travel plans before a holiday weekend so he could fight for amendments to that bill.

In so doing, Mr. Paul, a Republican, managed to enrage Senator Harry Reid, the Democratic majority leader, who suggested on the floor of the Senate that Mr. Paul might not mind if terrorists get armed to the teeth. Nor did he thrill Senator Mitch McConnell, the Republican minority leader and fellow Kentuckian, when he urged supporters to contact Mr. McConnell’s office with a message to get out of Mr. Paul’s way.

A senatorial peacock with a rust-colored crown, Mr. Paul stands out as someone who, at least for now, seems to be here less to make laws than points. His libertarian-leaning amendments — one would have made it harder for counterterrorism investigators to obtain firearms records and another would have relieved banks from their duty to report suspicious transactions — failed by wide margins, even among Republicans.

It's a pretty good piece and there's lots more at the link but the point is fairly simple. Rand Paul is living up to what he said he would do and he's only been in office for four and a half months. It just goes to show what one determined, consistent individual can accomplish, even in our seemingly unreformable government, even during the times that we live in.

Remember this? We've come to take our government back:

Via Memeorandum.

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