Medical Marijuana Helps Child Beat Brain Cancer

By Chris W
The Libertarian Patriot


Unless you are actively seeking out the information, you probably have not heard of the medicinal benefits of cannabis (marijuana), such as a Harvard University study that found "[t]he active ingredient in marijuana cuts tumor growth in common lung cancer in half and significantly reduces the ability of the cancer to spread". This is but one study among many that shows the medicinal benefits of the plant.

To show just how out of step the federal government is on this issue, as recent as 2009, the AMA has called for a review of cannabis' Schedule I status and 15 states, along with the District of Columbia, have laws on the books allowing for it's use. There are also 10 other states with pending legislation on the issue.

Even 2012 GOP Presidential hopeful Gary Johnson has made it one focus of his campaign to call for the legalization of marijuana.

Now we have this touching story of a Montana father who secretly gave his 2 year-old son, who had a life-threatening brain tumor, cannabis oil to ease his pain and stimulate his appetite. Because of this intervention, the boy is now cancer free.

Daily Mail Online
A desperate father whose son was suffering from a life-threatening brain tumour has revealed he gave him cannabis oil to ease his pain. And he has now apparently made a full recovery.

Cash Hyde, known as Cashy, was a perfectly healthy baby when he was born in June 2008 but became sick shortly before his second birthday.

At first he was misdiagnosed with glandular fever before his parents Mike and Kalli, from Missoula in Montana, were given the devastating news he had a serious brain tumour.

The little boy had to have arduous chemotherapy treatment to reduce the growth, which had drastic side effects including seizures and a blood infection.

His distraught parents were repeatedly told he was likely to succumb to the illness because the condition was so bad.

After one bout of high-dose chemotherapy, Cash was so weak he could not lift his head and was too sick to eat any solid food for 40 days.

It was at this point that Mr Hyde decided to take action and go down the route of medical marijuana to try to help his young son.

Cash's doctors refused to even discuss the option but his father went and sought authorisation elsewhere and then secretly administered it through his son's feeding tube.

He also told doctors to stop giving Cash the cocktail of anti-nausea drugs he had been taking - although he never told them what he was doing.

Mr Hyde told KXLY News that his son started looking better right away.

Mr Hyde said: 'He hadn't eaten a thing in 40 days - and, it was really incredible to watch him take a bite of a piece of cheese. It shows that he wants to live'.

He credits the cannabis oil with helping his son get through the chemo, and say Cash has now been declared cancer free by doctors.

The boy is now back and home and living the life of a typical young boy, playing with his elder brother Colty.


  1. You're right. Hadn't heard about it. And it was probably better that way. The state will no doubt soon send in their CPS goons to remove the child from the home.

  2. Interesting and inspiration story, Chris. The War on Cannabis is an absurdity almost without equal, especially when one considers that it has many viable medicinal qualities.

  3. Reb

    And the medical side is only have the argument. When you factor in the socio-economic costs to the war on cannabis, it makes no sense to continue it.

  4. Angela

    This is an issue that the public needs to be made aware of. Only then can we swing the pendulum to our favor and bring about an end to the war on people.


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