Left Coast Rebel's "Osama Dead Photo" Google Bomb

by the Left Coast Rebel

We've been at this game for a while now. The site started as a venting platform for me directly after the election of Teh One. My wife actually recommended that I create a political blog, "it's not healthy to yell at the tv every night," she said famously in early 2009. I started out excerpting (just in italics, of course) news articles that caught my eye; there wasn't much commentary on my part involved.

But, once I got a taste of writing more and got my writing voice back (I hadn't written much for over 10 years), I really started to enjoy it...then I met Sam Foster and a lot of the good people that still come and go here and now contribute awesome material. Proof, RightKlik, Les, Wes, Chris, Sam, Mike and Frank: you guys are awesome and I continue to learn so much from you.

Needless to say, rest is history, waxing and waning, through a time in this country's history that I never envisioned we would experience (not in a good way)...

Anyway, yesterday marked a major milestone for the site; the death of terrorist Osama bin Laden and some timely, crafty SEO handed LCR the biggest day in its two-and-a-half-year history:

(click the image to embiggen)

We're not posting traffic for vanity's sake, it's just that we think it is so cool that blogs like this can shatter the stranglehold that the inept, corrupt, incompetent, partisan, leftist press has had on the nation since there was such thing as a press.

Also, it's incredibly fitting that the chart above of the six-figure traffic surge resulting from the death of Osama bin Laden takes the shape of a middle finger. Fitting, indeed.

And thanks for reading...

Updated: American Power links, thanks! Also, the inimitable Robert Stacy McCain notices, too, reluctantly tweeting his (now) out-google-bombed status:


  1. Congrats LCR. Your blog is one of my go-to spots for reading the latest in politics. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks, Lisa. I was feeling really burned out recently and needed this. Thanks for reading!

  3. Congrats dude, but I feel left out since you are the only blogger I shared my SEO report with ;)

  4. Trade secrets, Bill, trade secrets.

    The report was mighty helpful :)

  5. Congras on your whopping huge day!

  6. Dude. That is waay cool, Tim! I'm so jealous. I'm going to have to keep hustling at THL. Thanks so much for the mention, and here's to many more years busting the mainstream media's balls. Cheers.

  7. Holy Crap! That was some day!!

  8. I had a similar reaction, only for a slightly different reason. I posted the breaking news, with updates, searched for video of the president's remarks, etc. and added them to the post as I went along.

    The one advantage I may have had over some other sites, is the title of my blog: "Proof Positive".
    I had literally dozens of variations on searches for "proof of bin Laden's death". Google, obligingly posted examples of the word "proof" next to "Osama bin Laden" and "dead".

    I had about four thousand hits the first three hours...

    All that carping about being so far down the list of blogs alphabetically has come to an end! Heh.

  9. 133+K is darned impressive, LCR! Congratulations!

  10. LCR reminds us of whats important. Keep killin' it y'all, I'm just along for the ride...

  11. Quite the accomplishment Tim! Congratulations and keep at it my friend!

  12. Congrats Tim. But alas, your success I believe has more to do with your ideology. Right-libertarianism (pro-defense libertarian, Goldwaterite, Ayn Randian, ect...) is a vastly untapped market. 90% of the libertarian movement is essentiall - Left; non-interventionist, weak on defense, disdainful of the Military.

    Those few of us who are Strong on Defense but still adhere to libertarian principles such as Marijuana legalization, Abolish IRS, Privatize Social Security, Oppose the Nanny-State, ect... do well, because that's where a great chunk of the American public is at.

    Americans are essentially Pro-Capitalism, Anti-Big Government on social matters, but love the Military, and want to kick ass against our Enemies.

    Your average left libertarian doesn't get that last part. You do. And I believe that's why you thrive.

    Eric Dondero, Publisher

  13. Boom! goes the dynamite. Great job.

  14. Thanks Wes - stickin' it to the media gives me more satisfaction than almost anything here.

    Thanks, Stogie.

    Proof: That's pretty darned impressive, too. I think that it was the biggest day evah for a lot of us...your stuff keeps getting better so it's no surprise to see you gain a lot of momentum.

    Barrell Rider: Thanks to you, too.

    Thanks, Hack. Glad to see you back at your site too....

    Eric: No one likes to be put inside an ideological box, especially me. Libertarianism has opened my eyes to the dangers of interventionism but I do love our troops and want them to succeed...

    Thanks, Paul.

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