LCR at American Thinker, "Ron Paul's Controversial Statement Exposes Foreign Policy Rift"

By the Left Coast Rebel

Early this week I wrote a piece about Ron Paul and defense issues that got published at American Thinker. This surprised me as it was a bit provocative and covers the taboo topic of cutting the Defense Department but does so in a greater picture/realignment of limited government in all areas of government sense.

It's my first article at American Thinker. Could you please read the piece, let me know what you think, link, and comment?

Here's the opener and link after the excerpt:

Ron Paul's Controversial Statement Exposes Foreign Policy Rift

By Tim Daniel

Tea party favorite and libertarian stalwart Congressman Ron Paul fanned the flames of controversy last week, stating to WHO radio's Simon Conway that he in fact would not have ordered the Osama bin Laden kill, preferring, rather, an arrest and civilian-court trial for the 9-11 mastermind. Paul's statement was met with full-throated derision in GOP circles as the "crazy uncle in the attic" became all-the-crazier with his simple admission.Pulling the curtain away from the issue, did Ron Paul simply expose a giant chasm between two foreign policy trains of thought in the...

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Updated: Not surprising that the piece is eliciting very strong response. Taken from the comments at the piece (my writing in italics):

"Paul's statement was met with full-throated derision in GOP circles as the "crazy uncle in the attic" became all-the-crazier with his simple admission."
It’s really very sad that those in "GOP circles" spend there time going after the easy targets rather than going after any targets that would take some thought and some small amount of courage and would do the nation some good. Ron Paul is rather harmless after all and mainly useful for fill in blog articles and by lazy and cowardly and unthinking and uncaring about the nation people in "GOP circles". It’s General Imam David “Holy Qur’an” Petraeus who is the Ultimate Useful Idiot to Islam and Dereliction of Duty culprit, getting so many American Soldiers and Marines killed for no benefit to American, and actually harm to America, with his See no Islam, hear no Islam, speak no Islam, know no Islam willful blindness, and almost Code Pink ROE, which put the lives of Muslims above the lives of his own troops in his Mad Hatter Great Islamic Society Sociology Experiment from Hell in Afcrapistan with his own troops as his Lab Rats for his boundless hubris and subservience to Islam.
"On radical Islam, many conservatives find themselves in-between libertarians and strong defense, Goldwater conservatives: those who want a strong defense yet find themselves leery of the "any wary, any time, anywhere" neo-conservative credo that has dominated recent American foreign policy."
Real conservatives don't use the mendacious term "radical islam". They don't use any Bondage of the Mind PC terms which are at War with the Truth. And how I wish Barry Goldwater was still alive. He would give those neocons so much Hell they would wish they were in Hell just to escape his wrath. BTW, being in Afcrapistan, and for 10 years, and with no progress and no end in sight, is not strong defense, it is weak non-defense. BTW 2, the neocons are in the main "I'll hold your coat while you fight" chickenhawks who probably couldn't even make it half way through even Army basic training without crying.

Updated x2: Memeorandum picked it up and it has its own thread (top left of the screen shot):

Update x3
: Linked at Daily Paul:


  1. Throw in his open borders leaning and his's foreign policy disaster.

  2. The above statement(SarahB)is the one thing that is no different than what we are getting from LSM...
    Simply throw a statement out there (propaganda) and let as many as will believe it.
    But more important, I have seen too many "conservatives" trying to elevate their candidate by slinging mud or mis-characterizing the other candidates.
    These folks are no different than the ones we hope to cast out of control over our lives!
    Ridding our lives of oppressive controlling nanny state is PARAMOUNT! Our nation cannot afford anther term of the impostor in the oval office!

  3. Great article Tim. I believe you pointed out two very important factors that shape our national defense policy and structure. Departmental spending as related to future funding and our nation-building military campaigns dictated by populist sentiment. The question regarding the necessity of foreign bases throughout the world is a tough one. I think we could strategically downsize these by closing some of them. But I believe it is necessary to keep some of them open. Most successful foreign military campaigns have resulted in long-term and permanent military bases. Europe, South Pacific, Asia, Central America, Persian Gulf all have rather large military bases. These bases provide valuable logistics and support for our forces globally.

  4. Should we help to establish somewhat stable democratic governments in Iraq and Afghanistan, it is likely we will have permanent or long-term bases there i.e. Camp Victory near the Baghdad airport.


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