Jack Hunter asks, "who's a republican?"

by the Left Coast Rebel

I still have a headache from my previous post about big-government charlatan Newt Gingrich but this Jack Hunter video just may be the ideal palate cleanser.

Hunter simply asks, "who's a republican?"

Look, I'm not as anti-war as Jack Hunter and Ron Paul (Congressman Paul's stance against the Osama bin Laden kill mission, for instance, is plain nuts). Regardless, they both make good points though on the runaway, interventionist nature of our country's foreign policy.

However, on the issue of constitutional government, spending and the blurred delineation between the two parties (on socialism, spending, ruling-class tyranny, et al.), Congressman Paul's bona fides are without equal.

On Islamo-fascism, I find myself in between libertarians and strong defense, Goldwater conservatives. I want a strong defense but am leery of the neoconservative stance.

When we are engaged in a war, I want a formal congressional declaration of war (Article One, Section Eight of the Constitution) and I want us to kick ass and get the hell out of the area of engagement.

I don't think our nation has any defined interests in Libya and I think we lost Iraq and Afghanistan the moment our missions turned into nation-building endeavors. We need to have an exit strategy in Iraq and Afghanistan and we need to stick to it, end of story.

On foreign policy I'm closer to Ayn Rand's views than most libertarians (she famously called libertarians the "hippies of the right") but that doesn't mean that I don't understand where they are coming from or that they don't make incredibly good points, given the financial place that we find ourselves in today.

And yes, most "top-tier" GOP candidates in the 2012 race have socialistic baggage. Candidates like Romney, Gingrich, Pawlenty, Huntsman, etc. are not consistent on socialism and will be destined to fail tea party-inspired patriots.

And, given the dire position that this nation finds itself in, trustworthiness on the issue of cutting government spending and scaling back the big-government Leviathan is the most important issue.

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  1. "Congressman Paul's stance against the Osama bin Laden kill mission, for instance, is plain nuts"...
    I would like to know how you can characterize him in this way. I would say that Obama's method was very questionable! Look at this and tell me what is wrong with his stance...
    Why is it a bad policy to follow the constitution?!

  2. John, great video from yesterday, Dr. No makes every brilliant point that has made him so popular. I agree with the clarification of his stance, I'm just of the mind that even a 20,000 lb Daisy Cutter would have been appropriately used when we found where bin Laden was holed up. Requiring permission from the Pakistanis to kill him is just nuts, if anything they committed an act of war by harboring him.


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