Jack Davis campaign breaks election law...maybe?

The maybe is because, while I know how to look up the law I'm no expert at interpretation. Perhaps a lawyer reading would know?

However, I was shocked to see how close Jack Davis had his campaign signs to the Lima Village polls. According to NYS election law; NYS Election Law § 8-104:

1. The American flag shall be kept displayed at each polling place throughout the election. Facsimile ballots, voter information posting and distance markers shall not be taken down, torn or defaced during the election. While the polls are open no person shall do any electioneering within the polling place, or in any public street, within a one hundred foot radial measured from the entrances designated by the inspectors of election, to such polling place or within such distance in any place in a public manner; and no political banner, button, poster or placard shall be allowed in or upon the polling place or within such one hundred foot radial. While the polls are open no person shall consume any alcoholic beverages within the polling place.

I snapped the following two photos.

I didn't know the law was based on the entrance to the polls, I'll have to go back out to get pictures, but the entrance is only 20 feet from the polling sign. The Davis signs are close to about 50-70 feet away.

I told the poll workers, but they said while it is within 100ft it was on private property. However, I believe that to be incorrect; it was in the public median between the road and sidewalk. Also, it did not seem as though the NY statute makes an exception for private property.

If the signs are legal then they are legal...if not, they ought to know better.

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