Jack Davis breaks campaign promise two days before NY-26 election

Generally, candidates wait until after the election to break their word. With only two days left before the election, Jack Davis decided to get an early start on breaking his campaign promises.

Jack Davis has run twice before, but he has always attended public debates. That is until this year when he dramatically switched from the far-left Working Families Party endorsed Democrat to the conservative Tea Party. In an election where Jack Davis had a lot to answer for, his decision to skip the debate was questionable. However, he argued that a tele-town hall on Saturday the 21st would give voters district-wide a better opportunity to get to know him as a candidate:

I will speak directly with the voters who want and deserve honest answers. I will hold an electronic town hall on Saturday May 21st where voters can ask me any question they want and get an honest answer.

Saturday has now come and gone with no tele-town hall and no future tele-town hall in the works.

Ironically, the same campaign promise made above happened to be in a press release where Jack Davis labeled his opponents liars:

Jane Corwin and Kathy Hochul are professional politicians. They are lying about me and my record. They lied about their own past history, taking credit for work done by others.

In the real world, any employer would fire both of them for dishonesty. Sadly, their behavior is considered politics as usual. I refuse to accept it.

My morality and upbringing require me to tell the truth. My opponents have no such loyalty to the truth. We have seen politicians from both parties say one thing in campaigns and do another when elected. Jane Corwin and Kathy Hochul fit that mold.

My honesty and my reputation have enabled me to build a successful business in Western New York. They are also my qualifications for serving the people of the 26th district in the U.S. Congress.

I will not lend my integrity and my reputation for honesty to a forum with two politicians who will say anything to get elected.

How hard is it to set up a teleconference for a few hours? As a businessman, I'd expect that he does this sort of thing all the time. If Jack Davis can't keep his word on simple promises, how can he expect us to believe he'll keep his word on difficult one's?

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