I'm back and Catching up: Linkfest for Friends that I need

By the Left Coast Rebel

I'm back after having gone M.I.A. from the blogosphere for several days.

Why, you ask?

Finals week + working on a rough cold and incredibly busy with work are causations for my absence. I guess when it rains it pours but frankly I am happy to be busy with work and life.

What better way to celebrate my absence and reappearance than a little linky-love for some friends?

Friends need friends linkfest drumroll....

1). There's been a lot of hype concerning Herman Cain. Not so, Cain's statement on the PATRIOT Act and other issues are disqualifiers, says Chris W. at Libertarian Patriot.

2). Full Metal Patriot is sporting a very slick new look and URL (I'm jealous, how did you put it together and how is it working so far?). Check it out along with his take on Dear Leader's Royally-botched Royal toast.

3). Last Tradition has more on Dear Leader's hostility toward Israel.

4). BBCW has lots of coverage of the tornadoes in his home state.

5). No Sheeples Here has more on Israel and Obama.

6). Shane Atwell has the scoop on Texas caving on the anti-TSA grope bill.

7). Handicappin' the Presidential candidates? Liberator Today has the details.

8). Reaganite has lots o' info on the Iceland volcano.

9). Maggie's Notebook has the video of Palin-stalker Frank Bailey's appearance on Hannity.

10). Ron Paul omitted from Dick Morris' poll? Say it ain't so, says Nacilbupera.

11). Off the political beaten path, Temple of Mut has space images of new Egyptian pyramids. Wow!

12). Grant Davies at What We Think and Why has a great piece on the pre-pubescent fixation of socialisism.

13). Yes, I'll have a Beer With Deano, (missed you lately, buddy) or, perhaps Tim Pawlenty?

14). Did you know there was a Naked Gun 4? WC Varones finds a sequel as Teh Messiah proves he isn't so bright.

15). Would you rather have lunch with Romney? Palin? Or Barack Hussein Obama? Republican Redefined has the lunchdate.

We now continue with previously scheduled programming....


  1. Thanks, M.A., hope you and your family are doing well.

  2. Good to see you back, LCR. Thanks for the linky love! I'm glad to see someone noticed the new look. After Blogger's outage, I decided to host things myself and go with Wordpress. It's very different to administrate and there's definitely been a learning curve, but I'm starting to like it. The built-in analytics are pretty awesome.

  3. Good to see you're back. /As for the luncheon, it would be BO. Just enjoy the meal, no need to take anything serious, and it's on the taxpayers/sarcasm off.


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