Iceland Volcano May 27, 2011: Airport Closures UK Germany, France, Belgium

By the Left Coast Rebel

Reaganite reports:

Update for Iceland Volcano May 27: UK air travel: with the plume reduced substantial, the UK is not restrained by closed airports at this time by the Iceland volcano. The ash-stream could return today or over the weekend, as seismic activity reported in the vicinity of the volcano may signal more on the way...

The UK's air traffic control service NATS will announce airspace restrictions as they became necessary, and the link -here- will keep you posted on the latest effects from the Iceland volcano eruption.

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Go to Reaganite Republican for more updates on the Iceland Volcano.

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  1. Not that it's really important, but the air traffic over Hannover is normal... Regardless of what you may see in Deutche Welle


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