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Paul Ryan: Obamacare is Real Medicare Killer

Texas Leads the Way with ‘Loser Pays’ Reform; Blow to Trial Lobby

Rush Limbaugh: Obama Is Most Afraid of Sarah Palin

DNC sets sights on Herman Cain

The Dark Horse Who Could Win It All

$500 Million Obama Administration Program Will Help Kids 'Sit Still' in Kindergarten

The Obama Presidency pro-Israel 12%; pro-Palestinian 40%

Netanyahu's popularity soaring following Washington trip

Obama Has “Contempt In His Eyes” For Netanyahu (Video)

Obama Boasts He Is Destroying Second Amendment “Under the Radar

DC Liberals Sign Petition To Ban Drudge Report, Conservative Websites

Mitt Romney Sends Leftover Pizza to Obama Chicago HQ

DNC Chair: If it Were Up to the GOPers, We’d All Be Driving Foreign Cars (Guess What She Drives)

Saudi mother arrested for uploading a video of her driving on YouTube, faces another 10 days in jail.

Gateway Pundit: OK Bitches… Far Left Ladies of “The View” Think It’s OK to Call a Woman “Bitch” and “Slut

Weasel Zippers: Soros-Funded ThinkProgress Libs Talk About Lynching Black Conservative

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Caught on Video: Driver Survives Tornado's Wrath

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fredthompson: TranSec LaHood arrives in 12mpg SUV to unveil new fuel-economy stickers. Wonder if Napolitano's house has a moat with alligators?

pcam: The annual cost of regulatory compliance in the United States runs about $1.75 trillion a year

The_Real_CA: Bill Whittle: Turncoat Nation

Quote of the Day:
"Women will compete with men and ... more bastards to be left on the steps of mosques."

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