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America. The American flag. Liberty. Freedom from tyranny and oppressive government. The inalienable right of all men and women to live their life as they see fit, in so long as they respect the same rights inherent in others. The right to opportunity for all, regardless of race, ethnicity, or gender. Recognition that with the liberty and freedoms enunciated in our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States comes individual and personal responsibility to ensure their continued existence for all posterity. The belief that our republican form of government was instituted to ensure the protection of the minority against the potential tyranny of the majority. The understanding that government is but a necessary evil, put in place only as a watchdog to insure that the rights of each individual is respected and protected in so long as they do no injury to the inalienable rights of others. Acceptance of the principle that speech is a protected right of all, particularly when it is offense politically to any certain political ideology. An understanding and eventual acceptance that while our founding fathers made the conscious decision to continue slavery, thereby forever coloring their enlightened belief in the principals specified in the Declaration of Independence there did so to insure the cementing of the republic. Accepting that as society is driven by the need to adapt to modern realities it will do so. Understanding that as Americans we share a common interest. At least we should.

Please forgive the size of the preceding paragraph. While it is perhaps grammatically too lengthy its content is never the less cohesive and interconnecting. It also defines what I, and Rational Nation USA stands for. My message has been consistent. It as always been about the PRINCIPALS set forth in our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America, regardless of the obvious hypocrisy the progressive left continually points out to justify their America hating agenda. Rather than understanding the truths on which the fundamental principals of our founding documents were founded they expend their efforts to attempting to tear them down. When they succeed America itself will come down with them.

Rational Nation USA has given nearly two years to the cause of liberty and individual freedom. The effort has far exceeded the rewards. After well over 1200 posts the fuel required to burn the flame of liberty is growing depleted. The energy greatly diminished in the face of the current collectivist onslaught that is gripping America. Age and other responsibilities has taken its toll.

I will continue to fight for liberty, when the collectivist statist knock on my front door. Until then the proprietor, and Editor in Chief of Rational Nation USA is going on an extended vacation.

Have a Great Memorial Day for those who actually still understand what it stands for.

To the Future. May it be a better than the immediate past or the current realities. That of course will be up to EACH INDIVIDUAL! Progressive collectivists please take note.

So long, long live the republic, and hold true to real bona fide conservative principles. You know, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America.

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  1. Your voice will be missed, but we understand the toll such effort takes.

  2. Yeah, and those that should supported my efforts, Tim and LCR excluded didn't for the most part.

    But thank you for your kind words.

    Have a great Memorial Day!

  3. Blogging takes a toll. Hope you're back in 2012 if not sooner.

  4. Les,

    I understand the need to take a break, vacation, hiatus or otherwise. Blogging is hard work and often thank-less. I totally agree with Kurt here as well...the outcome of what we see daily is not determined yet, I think that Americans are just now starting to wake up and the Demonrat-statists have no idea the backlash that they face going forward. I think that there is going to be a giant realignment in this nation that will get us closer to our roots (finally). I also think that it won't be coming from the GOP (look at GOP leadership as an example of this).

    And you are a smart guy, Les, and a good man, too. Keep the fire in your heart and mind and take as long a break as is needed.



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