Updated: Eric Boehlert, Media Matter’s Senior Fellow, was for freaking out over violent rap artists before he was against it

By Sam Foster

Eric Boehlert circa 2000:

By defending and celebrating the likes of Eminem while willingly turning a blind eye to his catchy message of hate, music critics continue to cheapen their profession. They're also lowering the bar to such depths that artists will soon have to crawl to get under it. Don't think Eminem won't try.

Read the whole 2,600 word diatribe Eric Boehlert wrote about Eminem’s music, then compare to Rashid “Common” Lynn who raps about killing cops and George W Bush. So, would it be out of line to criticize President Obama for “celebrating the likes of” Rashid Lynn for “turning a blind eye to his catchy message of hate?” (Eric Boehlert’s words not mine)

Eric Boehlert thinks so when he tweeted and linked to a Lonely Conservative post that did just that:

If you're not sampling RW freakout today over a rapper (!!) being invited to WH poetry event, you're missing out; http://bit.ly/ikSmf6

But hey, it’s Eric Boehlert’s prerogative to do such things as slaughter the spelling of names while spellchecking the names in posts from conservative bloggers.

Still waiting for George Soros to demand his refund, so until then Eric Boehlert can waste his boss’s money freaking out over posts that celebrates Eric Boehlert’s original point of view instead of the one that is updated every minute on twitter.

Remember, Senior Fellows who live in glass houses


Now Eric Boehlert ignorant of pop culture before he was an expert.

You can stop digging, Eric!


  1. Tweeters area all over this post this morning!

  2. Boehlert acting stupidly again...

    Militant, misogynist anti-cop lyrics are perfectly okay, even laudible, if the rapper has enough melanin to play the race card.


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