Eliminate The Elephant: Week 2

By RightKlik

We will eliminate Republican candidates one by one. Vote for the candidate you would LEAST like to run against Barack Obama. Names are in random order. We'll weed out candidates until the least contemptible candidate is the only one left:

Last week, we eliminated Newt Gingrich (he was begging for it), and Mitch Daniels eliminated himself.

Other candidates, such as Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry or John Bolton, will be added to the list in future elimination polls.


Cheaters will be caught! Don't waste your time.

If you want to share this poll at your blog, leave a comment below. We'll run this poll until Sunday and then queue up the next one.

Detailed results from last week's poll:


  1. Sad to me that there are those that put a man that stands for freedom put in wit the likes of Mit Romney...

  2. Mrs. Huntsman might care about her husband, but no one else in America does. He is out.

  3. Huntsman is the next to go. I agree with Gary.

    I'd like to share this poll on my blog.

  4. I like Herman Cain

  5. Anonymous said...
    @Reaganite Republican

    The unofficial plan at this point is to cycle back through with another series of polls, a adding Bachmann in after the current series is complete. Of course anyone else who has dropped out by then will be excluded in the next round.

    When I started this series it wasn't as clear as it is now that Bachmann would be in.

    It had been suggested that we add Bachmann in, and I like her, so that would be fine, but adding candidates in after the elimination series is already in progress ruffles feathers because it gives the johnny-come-lately candidates an unfair advantage.

    I think we might want to keep cycling through with this until the Iowa primaries. That should give us plenty of time for 4 or 5 complete cycles.


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