Daily Herman Cain Candy: “I won’t shoot from the lip” Simon Conway Interview, May 16, 2011

By Sam Foster

If you are wondering what in the world Cain Candy is, appraise yourself and be sure to check out Kim Chambers’ PJTV interview with Herman Cain.

Today’s edition of Cain Candy features a radio interview Herman Cain gave while visiting Iowa. He is with radio host Simon Conway, where Herman Cain defends his lack of position on foreign policy. It’s a fitting interview given some comments I received on yesterday’s post from the regarded Reaganite Republican:

We need some foreign policy from the guy- if he won't stop Iran from getting the bomb, I'm not interested

Only Bolton and Trump said what I wanted to hear on that Other issues pale in comparison for me... did you see Ahmedinijad wants to chair OPEC?

If that happened and he gets his nukes, other issues will seem frivilous, imo... it's like Reagan said "If we dont' win the Cold War" we won't need to talk about domestic/Constitutional issues anymore

Herman Cain talks about his stance on not taking a stance on foreign policy in his interview with Simon Conway:

“I won’t shoot from the lip. That’s what has got Obama in trouble”

He also reiterates that he is not privy to important and sensitive intelligence. But, can Herman Cain get a pass on foreign policy in a Presidential race?

I think Herman Cain’s response is truthful. He doesn’t know much about foreign policy, neither does most of the Republican field, accept John Huntsman and maybe Sarah Palin. It puts him on the same page as Obama when he was elected President. The difference is that Herman Cain is the only contender to admit it.

What we understand from all of this is no, experience shouldn’t matter, but in America we kick the tires. Herman Cain will not be able to get a pass on this at the polls, nor can he afford to allow Obama to simply run up and down the field on the subject.

Also consider timing. In 2008, Republican's chose John McCain because foreign policy was a big deal in the beginning of the year, then issues shifted to the economy as the market crashed. Our current economic issues would certainly be a weapon for Herman Cain, but are we handicapping ourselves again?

His position today is a good start, but as a Presidential candidate he can go abroad to meet heads of state and he can talk to people who are experts or have had positions in the state department. If he wants to be Presidential, he needs to pursue a solution to the hole in his resume.

I’m warming up to Cain, but still wondering if he’ll cocoon from a radio host into a Presidential candidate. I believe there is a good chance.

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