Daily Herman Cain Candy: Herman Cain Pajama's Media interview with Kim Chambers

By Sam Foster

I'm thinking about a new daily series featuring Herman Cain on the campaign trail and I think that it will be successful for three reasons...


There's a lot of interest from the right in Herman Cain ever since he won the South Carolina debate. Like his background or not, he will be a major candidate in 2012.


He is hitting the campaign trail hard and since he's a rising star there seems to be something new every single day. Not common with most candidates that I've followed.


I've never seen an interview or read a speech that I couldn't easily make a post out of.

So to commemorate this as the first Herman Cain Candy post, what better way than to point you to PJTV's most recent interview with Cain.

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  1. We need some foreign policy from the guy- if he won't stop Iran from getting the bomb, I'm not interested

    Only Bolton and Trump said what I wanted to hear on that Other issues pale in comparison for me... did you see Ahmedinijad wants to chair OPEC?

    If that happened and he gets his nukes, other issues will seem frivilous, imo... it's like Reagan said "If we dont' win the Cold War" we won't need to talk about domestic/Constitutional issues anymore

  2. I like Cain. My only issue is his past association with Federal reserve...
    I have no doubt he can beat Ohaha

  3. Cain is one of the rare candidates in this cycle who seems to be getting MORE impressive as time goes on -- not LESS.


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