Congress got as big of a Bin Laden poll bounce as Obama

by Sam Foster

Via Scared Monkeys:

That didn’t take long … President Barack Obama’s job approval rating back under 50%.

According to the most recent Gallup poll, Barack Obama has a job approval rating of 48%, while 45% disapprove. The bounce appears to be over and it back to reality. The US economy is headed the wrong direction, unemployment is at 9.0% and gas prices rising. Rasmussen has Obama at a 48% job approval and 51% disapproval.

But, it looks like polling had little to do with the high hopes of the media that Obama has somehow looked passed the shadow of the Carter years. It turns out that the Republican led congress also got a bump in approval by the same number of percentage points:

Americans' approval of Congress increased to 24% after the death of Osama bin Laden, up from 17% in April, and the highest it has been since January 2010 by one percentage point.

The spike in congressional approval in the May 5-8 Gallup poll most likely reflects a halo effect from Americans' overwhelming approval of the killing of Osama bin Laden. In the days since the U.S. military action that resulted in bin Laden's death, Americans' approval of President Obama has also increased.

Much has been said about that big Bin Laden bounce for Obama. Like, how Obama has avoided the Carter analogy, even though Obama has topped Carter's high score on the Misery Index and even Carter doesn't believe his foreign policies were as bad as Obama's.

Yup, Obama's no longer reaching down to the Carter years, he's putting in a 2nd level basement.

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