Breaking: Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu to Obama, "1967 Borders Will not Happen"

By the Left Coast Rebel

Stunning. Simply stunning.

I just watched (live) the White House meeting between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanayahu and Barack Obama.

Netanyahu flatly and resolutely told Obama "no" to the 1967 lines. Netanyahu looked tense and firm, blood-shot eyes showed clear fatigue and concern. It's no wonder.

Absolutely historical. I have never seen the leader of a foreign nation, and ally, say "no" to a United States president like this in such a manner. I wonder if it has ever taken place? Can you think of anything that points to how out of league Obama is?

What Netanyahu said is exactly what he should have said and what I would expect our president to say to the leader of another nation; given we were being pushed into a precarious position, against our interests and safety...

Which is exactly what Obama is doing to Israel.

I'll have video up of the meeting when it becomes available.

Updated: Story at CNN.


Washington (CNN) -- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday firmly rejected President Barack Obama's call for a return to the borders that existed before the 1967 Middle East war, telling the U.S. leader that such a move is impossible in light of current security concerns and demographic realities.

The two leaders pledged to work together, however, in the pursuit of a comprehensive Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement.

"We don't have a lot of margin for error," Netanyahu said while meeting with Obama at the White House. "I intend to work" with the administration.

Updated: Video of the Lecturer-Professor-President getting lectured by Prime Minister Netanyahu (go to 7:00 on the dial for Netanyahu's statement):

Updated x2
: Good writeup and Memeorandum thread at Yid With Lid.


  1. What a goat screw from the beginning. First to suggest (or basically demand) that our ally , our only REAL ally in the region, basically sacrifice itself.

    Then to go on TV and get bitch slapped like that (which he totally had coming)

    Just makes us look more effete and bungling on the world stage.

    For my part though, Go Netanayahu!

    Israel does have a right to exist.

  2. Exactly, Ryan, great points. We are in such a dangerous place with these fools in the WH.

  3. Can you imagine another case that shows how out of his league Barack Hussein Obama is?

  4. MEN! I beg to differ! Obama knows EXACTLY what he is trying to do! Despite political suicide... He has an agenda!
    This subject is much bigger than what lies on the surface...

  5. Did you notice the incredible shrinking President. As every word came out of Bibi's mouth the child continued to shrink. Obama is an embarrassment.

  6. Love what the PM did to this fool: showing him to be the fool that he is. What I wonder about is this antisemite got 70% of the Jewish vote in 08. I wonder if he will again 2012.

  7. My take on this: Obama is kissing up to his radical base, as if he is running for the nomination in 2012. Is he looking over his shoulder at Hillary, coming up fast behind???
    Or maybe he is just a bumbling fool, with the intelligence of a mainstream journalist....

  8. I think Obama is like a moronic junior college professor. I wish he'd play more golf and keep his mouth shut.

  9. Bibi is in the process of blowing this silly impostor of a community organizer & his bullhorn out of the water. What a sulking creep as the Manchurian candidate begins to lose the power that the brainwashing conferred.

    Re: A dodo poster to Tapper:

    How strange is it when a silly moron like “Nathan” can say with a straight face:

    As far as I am concerned Israel has no desire for peace. They weren’t satisfied with the land they got, but started settling on occupied land. And that action in an ironic way, is following what Hitler did.

    If the Jews say that Jerusalem is their homeland, what proof they have that it is not Palestinian’s also. Rather than trying to live together, they want it all.

    “Nathan” can make such a ridiculous statement after Israeli decamped unilaterally from Gaza in 2005?

    Does the preposterous fool Nathan notice that the terrrorist regime in Gaza that took over, the group of murderers called Hamas, have been shelling Israel from their newly acquired territories?

    Almost every day?

    You really have to wonder whether fools like Nathan have their heads screwed on backwards or not.


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