Bob Lonsberry unendorses Fake Tea candidate Jack Davis in NY-26

by Sam Foster

One week after endorsing Jack Davis, conservative radio host Bob Lonsberry is pulling his endorsement. It seems Jack Davis' desire to maintain a large bureaucracy was the main reason:

Which is a dishonest and immoral distortion. It not only slams a candidate, it far more significantly slams the best hope we have of saving our country from insolvency and collapse.

I’m talking about the budget proposal of House Republicans. The Ryan budget, they’re calling it, the one put together by the chairman of the House Budget Committee.

It begins the process of right-sizing government and putting it on the road to a balanced budget. And it takes up the issue of entitlements – of which Medicare is one.

Lonsberry steps up, recognizes that Jack Davis policies and positions are unacceptable and understands that this is a disqualifying flaw.

Apology accepted Mr. Lonsberry, although I too must apologize. An article I wrote over a week ago for Pajama's Media came out today and I mentioned Lonsberry's endorsement:

But the actions of one rogue group and a radio host have ensured that the base in NY-26 will be split and ineffectual.

I don't have control over PJM's editing, so I'm apologizing here and recognizing the integrity is took for Bob Lonsberry to step out and say that he was wrong.

Now, if only David Bellavia and Jim Ostrowski would learn from example...

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