Blog of the Day: Frankenstein Government

By the Left Coast Rebel

I was just checking the live Feedjit meter and saw a few hits from the URL,

Turns out it's a site called Frankenstein Government which I have read before and liked. Lately some of the best reads that I have come across herald from new starts and/or bloggers that are too small or post too infrequently for most people to have heard of. He's been around for a while but Nacilbupera is a recent favorite read. I just found The Federalist. A new libertarian site called Red State Eeclectic also crossed my desk, now I'm a daily reader.

Anyway back to Franky.

Here's what I mean, from Frankenstein Government's profile:

Frankenstein Government arrived in 2008. That was the moment when I realized that elite business, bankers, and the government had joined forces- and that I could no longer distinguish one thieving entity from the other. An ugly creature bent on survival at all costs emerged. Adams, Jefferson, or Madison could never have envisioned such an abomination. As that creature set about pillaging the countryside- I went to the barn and grabbed some kerosene and a little torch. This is that little torch... P.S. Hank Paulson, you make Bernie Madoff look like a f@&king piker.
I love how he puts this -- a lot of us had the same awakening at the same time and were angry as hell at what the Bush administration had done to us as we were over the election of the nation's first Marxist President (and that either would even be possible).

Go check out Frankestein Government and tell him we sent yah.


  1. Thanks for the tip, I'll check out Frankenstein.

    I recently came across The Federalist and RSE myself, good blogs both.

  2. Great minds think alike :). Good to see these talented new guys spring up, reminds me of when we got started...


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